Skill, Reskill and Upskill your employees with a blend of internal and external learning programmes in an integrated platform

  • Create a rich learning ecosystem that is available anytime anywhere to your employees
  • Create internal learning programmes that can be run by your employees or internal faculty
  • Give your employees access to a wide range of courses from multiple learning partners on the platform
  • Get your own learning partners onboard and access their courses from within the platform
  • Share courses selectively with clients and partners
  • Access courses shared with you by clients and partner
  • Offer your employees access to a range of courses from basic levels to advanced levels with a combination of self-paced, blended and classroom-led courses
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization via knowledge channels and interest groups

Key Benefits

  • Employees can access a variety of courses and trainings from multiple internal and external sources in a single platform
  • Employees who are subject matter experts can easily build and run high quality internal trainings for other employees
  • Internal training programs for induction, compliance, fresher boot camps, etc can be run via the platform by the HR team
  • Managers can enable and track learning and skill development for their teams
  • Employees across the organization can be part of focus groups in domain, technology and other areas to share knowledge and best practices
  • Project teams can manage their internal project knowledge and resources via the platform
  • Organizations can consolidate most of their learning and training deliveries via a single platform to better manage and track learning and development across the organization

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